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Andreas Duffner · Founder d-transform


Imagine it’s the year 2022. Most of the global enterprises that existed in 2015, a mere seven years earlier, are gone, and only a few have survived and are running their business in a ‘fractal’ global economy.

This new economy, the digital age, is the fourth wave industrial revolution, in which the world looks like this:

“… We are waking up and linking to each other.
We are watching. But we are not waiting …”

The Cluetrain Manifesto, published 2000, Thesis No. 95

In this not too distant future, business will be primarily between consumers and not between suppliers and consumers. In this future model the world is completely linked, transparent and fast– operating in real, real time. Experts, such as data analysts, will have made functional organizations obsolete, and people won’t work for a single employer. They will develop their skills and knowledge within communities. New business models will appear and disappear overnight. And, that’s just the beginning of this story…


d-transform anticipates this evolution and helps our clients to comprehend and transform to succeed in this new world.
d-transform identifies the assets and potential of your current enterprise and combines them with the new capabilities required to meet the challenges of the digital economy.

d-transform’s unique perspective assures a successful transformation into the new age, providing one-stop services in the consulting, coaching and community space – complemented with global operations management expertise.

Andreas Duffner about digitization

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How will business look like in five years? What will be the main contributors to success? How will customers and business partners be served end-to-end? How to set up
a flexible business model to ensure overnight business adaptation?

Our services will help you find the right answers to those questions. They are related to corporate strategy and business transformation, business models, processes, and operational excellence; digital technologies, business networks, and knowledge experts.

Joint workshops like envisioning, digital maturity assessment (measuring your organization’s readiness to enter the digital age), digital use cases and business cases, and digital transformation roadmaps ensure the buy-in of all involved stakeholders.

What’s in for you? Achieve a superb orientation and understanding of what digitization means for your enterprise and what to do about it. Identify what your key competences and differentiators will be in the new world and what options regarding organization and people, business models and processes fit best to you. Finally, the transformation roadmap will successfully lead you there.


Coaching and sparring has become essential in a world of rapid change in business, in complex and tactical environments, and challenged work-life balances. Leaders at all levels are confronted with new technologies as well as with a new generation of employees. Coaching, in business, in private as in athletics, seeks to unleash potential to reach
new levels of performance.

We aren’t mere advisors – we act as coaches, accompanying our clients in the discovery and change of their individual strengths, behavior, authentic personality and personal development to master the increasing personal demands. Choose to grow and grow!

d-leadership & innovation

Speed, flexibility, openness, transparency and an attitude to trust experts such as data analysts requires new thinking and leadership styles. Where will the decision power be? In a functional hierarchy or with an expert to ensure a real-time decision? In addition, establishing an intrinsic change and innovation culture will be mission critical. For example, executives need to be visible to authentically drive change.

Executive and team workshops (e.g. to establish an open minded and creative, innovation culture) uncover your company’s innovation capabilities, resulting in innovation creation, innovation management and innovation decision making processes.

What’s the result? Your company will get the “digital smell,” and over time will become more and more “digital.” Culture, tone and cooperation between the teams will change.
A euphoric mood regarding the change will be visible. You won’t talk about innovation anymore – it’ll be a part of your DNA.


Startups are the driver of digitization! Hundreds of them are springing up every day. The finance, retail, services, and travel industries are currently experiencing the most dynamic evolution into the digital age; they are making (parts of the) “old business” obsolete. Although there are many brilliant business ideas, startups don’t have the knowledge and experience to build up and globally scale their businesses. They need the guidance we provide.

Startups can benefit from d-transform’s experience in building up and selling their new business, and successfully integrate into a larger, post-merger organization with our own experience and insights into management, organization, processes, skills, supplier- and customer-related topics and practices. Considering limited budgets, we conduct our services in very slim yet challenging workshops – “think radical, unlimited and with entrepreneurial diligence.”



The exclusive and secured portal for d-transform’s clients. Despite publicly available information in a more and more transparent world, clients are asking for exclusive information providing specific and individual benefits, and for project-related information to be in a secured, shared environment.

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The exclusive and secured forum for d-transform’s business partners and knowledge workers. The confidential discussion and sharing of information (e.g. benchmarks, trends, best practices) is a mandatory exercise for this target group. This service will significantly contribute to your successful transformation.

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Andreas Duffner (vitae at LinkedIn) and d-transform’s network of consultants and coaches serve global clients for more than 20 years. You can expect a wealth of experience and wisdom in corporate strategy, cross-industry process optimization, organizational change, IT strategy & cloud transformation, executive advisory, and business coaching – coupled with in-depth global and multi-cultural management experience.

Some examples …


Asian government institution – Facility management process optimization, including smart metering. IT solution architecture, business transformation and change management.


Global industry supplier – Multi-year executive board advisory for IT strategic initiatives, including a global cloud solution rollout for sales and services businesses.


Start-Up – Foundation, growth and sale of consulting business to a global telecom supplier and service provider.
Post merger integration and global scale of business.


Global Telecom and IT-supplier – Optimization of value chain with business partners. Development and coaching of leadership team.


Public administration – Re–organization, pre- and post merger support for logistics business areas, compromising several thousands of employees.


Global software company – Leadership development focused on health and self regulation, work-life solutions and change management.


Large local (city) authority – Long-term project implementing a major health program with work-life solutions into all divisions.

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Publications and events


Whitepaper “Customer interaction in the digital age”

The change in consumer behavior is pushing the vendors to new ways in customer interaction: fast tracking, monitoring and responding to consumers’ decisions as they occur in real-time, connected with intelligent big data strategies. Each vendor needs to identify its assets to build ‘digital capabilities’ to create meaningful customer relationships.

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Whitepaper “Enterprises & Organizations in the Digital Age”

This whitepaper is focused on the fractal, digital global economy, the enterprises and their organizations. To secure their economical survival, companies will need to …

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Whitepaper “Business Model Innovation in the Digital Age”

Digital business models are characterized by new technical platforms, customer and value driven products and processes, and digital ‘Lego-blocks’. Using proven modelling methodologies …

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Whitepaper “Digital First“ … “Think Disruptive”

New leadership skills are required to transform companies into the digital world. Managers and leaders have to be visionaries with unreasonable aspirations.

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Whitepaper “Work and Career in the Digital Age”

“Knowledge” becomes much more important and determines the survival of companies. New hard and soft skills and job categories are required for the journey into the digital age….

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Whitepaper “SMART Disruption”

SMART Disruption in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. The article shows how companies can build the bridge between todays successful business models and …

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London, UK Oct 9, 2015 at the global leadership meeting of

K2 Partnering Solutions

Focus themes were the ‘fractal global economy’ with hundreds of thousands small enterprises/cells in 2022 and the emergence of the knowledge workers’ communities. These topics will significantly impact the future success of professional services companies.



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